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6 Things to Do When Business is Slow

If you are looking for more sales and have no clue or plan on how to obtain it, then this article is FOR YOU.  We are going to talk about six ways and things to get more business when times are slow.

Create New Money Making Systems When Business is Slow

Starting a business is hard. REALLY hard. And there are moments where all you want to do is want to work all of the time, 24/7, without breaks. The zeal to grow your business and gain an audience can feel maddening. I know. I remember just posting content all day, every day on Facebook – desperate for someone, anybody to reach me. But I realized I had a fundamental flaw in my business strategy. And the problem was – I had no strategy at all!

My strategy was just to post, post, post and hope to God something was going to happen.

That was my strategy of desperation.

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Now I have a system of what I want to post, what I want to sell and how I want to sell my products. And that is SO LIBERATING on a lot of levels. When you have a clear strategy on who you are and how you want to run your business, things get really easy.

So, what is your selling system? How do you want to attract new customers into your world?

Your selling system requires that you be able to automate things while you are not working. For example, I have tons of lead funnels scattered across my social media pages. I provide good content and those who wish for more help are free to contact me or just buy one of my stand alone products.

Take a moment and start thinking about how you want to bring people into your world. What does that look like? Make sure you have a clear idea and write your ideas down on paper.

Create More Content When Business is Slow

And while we are on the subject of posting content, let’s talk about your content strategy. Content can come in a variety of forms.

Blogs – where you write to your audience on specific niche or issues. You are reading from my blog, but you are able to post articles on your own website or post on LinkedIn or Reddit.

Videos  – it is apparent that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has prioritized video content over text or images alone.

I highly encourage everyone to put on their Sunday best clothes and smile in front of their camera. Convey your message with confidence, clarity and honesty. Someone needs to hear your story.

Podcasts – Podcasts are a booming industry. This industry is growing. 

Apple podcast alone has over 750,000 podcasts and growing and people are making serious money. For example, Tim Ferris is making $3 million and Joe Rogan is making $16 million. If they can build and audience and make money – so can you!!

Listen to other podcasts, like mine, and create a voice that is unique to you and caters to a specific audience.

Infographics. Not everyone has the time to listen to podcasts. Create visual representation of the thoughts you can convey. Use products like Canva and create beautiful infographics for free. And post those lovely new images on Pinterest or wherever your audience is located.

Enhance Your Self Care Routine When Business is Slow

Okay, so you may be reading this section and be thinking to yourself, “what does self care have ANYTHING to do with business?” Well, the answer is simple. The success of your business is directly related to how you take care of yourself. No successful business can thrive with an exhausted and frazzled owner. Perhaps now is a good time to look on how you love and nourish your soul.

During these slow moments of your business, perhaps it is a good time to take a look at how you take care of yourself and relax. Are you taking good care of yourself now? If no, now is the time to love and nurture yourself. Take long walks. Open up your long neglected journal and write down your thoughts.

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Take Personal and Professional Development Courses

I must admit that I am really stubborn. For the first year of my business, I tried to sell business coaching courses with out ever taking a business coaching class. I know – crazy right?

But some of you who are reading this article are trying to build your multi-millionaire business without assistance or just rely on free online content. I tried that strategy too, and I did it for too many years. But there will come a point where you need more help to fine tune and grow personally and professionally – and courses can help you overcome your difficulties.

Here is a strongly recommended suggestion: find someone or something that represents an image of where you want to go and what you want to do. Then go ahead, bite the bullet and invest in yourself.

Holding onto money is pointless if you are struggling to achieve more for yourself in your business and personal life.

Work Existing Relationships 

Business is all about community. It is next to impossible to launch and grow your business in a vacuum. Now is a really great time to tap your network and see if it possible to collaborate on a project if times are slow. Or perhaps now is a time to reconnect with old customers and offer them new products and services. Keep the channels of communication open and be surprised at the possibilities.

Create New Relationships 

While it is good to nurture new relationships it is also really important to create new ones. And now is a really good time to talk about your social media followers. There is a really big myth that bigger followers means more money and relationships. Well, that is part of the story. It is good to create more people that you can sell to, but it is more important to create relationships with your followers.

Do not just post content online. Read and respond to your comments. Engage with your community. It is important that your followers know you do not view them as credit cards with heart beats. 

New relationships do not just equate to more sales, it means learning more about yourself and what you want out from you business.

So do not be discouraged about business being slow. There are lots of things you can do in the meanwhile.

Stay positive.

Stay focused.

And keep at it! Cheers to you and your future success.

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