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6 Tips for Business Owners and Leaders to Feel and Act More Confident

As a business owner, I hate to break it to you – but having low self-esteem in not an option. Every day, people are looking to you for solutions, inspiration and hope. And sometimes it is not easy to do, life can get stressful and we can get overwhelmed. 

In this article we will discuss six tips for leaders and business owners like yourself to feel powerful and more confident.

Remind yourself that are a Bada$$

There is a reason why you wanted to be a entrepreneur. You wanted to step out and do something different in your life. You wanted to show everyone that despite the risks of starting a business – you were ALL IN. That took a lot of courage and bravery on your part. You are a leader.

Leaders and Entrepreneurs own their positive energy to increase confidence.

Leaders never apologize for their intense energy.

And leaders like you are needed more than ever.

When you remind yourself that you are an bada$$, you are remind yourself of all the fiery energy that is already within yourself. So just go ahead and rock it! People are desperately needing to hear your voice.

Wear Clothes that Make You Feel Like a Winner And Get More Confidence

Because I work from home, somedays I want to just lounge around in sweatpants all day. And I have to tell you that this is not a good idea for me for a lot of reasons. When I wear clothes that are too relaxed, I am not able to feel and act like the powerhouse that I am. 

I feel my best when I wear my wedding rings and something makes me feel confidence and good. Usually I will wear earrings or a flattering top and perfume.

What makes you feel like a winner?

This an important issue that business owners, entrepreneurs need to discuss to feel more confident. Feeling like a winner means acting like a winner in the way we think AND the way we dress ourselves.

Take time in the morning and find articles of clothing and/or jewelry that make you feel confident. Trust me it will make a world of difference especially during the days you do not feel as confident.

Remind Yourself of All the Ways You Have Overcome Difficulties

I highly recommend you to keep a business journal. Business journaling will not just help you remind yourself of your mistakes but your accomplishments. 

As a businessperson, you have to be your own personal cheerleader. You have to remind yourself that you are more than capable of accomplishing big things in your business.

Do you have business journal? If no, what is stopping you from recording your accomplishments? Just start one today.

I personally need my journal. Every week I look at it and remind myself of the great things I have accomplished. This review process reminds me that I am in business not just to make money, but more importantly, to make a difference in each of my client’s lives. And when I know I am helping others, I feel more confident.

Next, let’s discus how your attitude impacts your confidence.

Flatulence, like a bad attitude - stink. Show the world your inner strength.

Push Away Negative Attitudes and People 

When I was a younger woman, I was particularly negative. I viewed circumstances and people from a pessimistic attitude. And I confirmed that same narrative when I associated with people and interest groups that confirmed the notion that the world was a terrible, nasty place, filled with horrible people.

You can imagine how successful I was with that kind of attitude.

You are a leader. And leaders, entrepreneurs provide hope, inspiration and courage to increase confidence. Poor leaders only bring depression, fear and anxiety. So toss aside and remove from your influence people, activities and behavior which foster negative emotions.


Keep Things Simple And Feel More Confident

With everything that is happening in the world it is VERY tempting to get onto the negative news bandwagon. Politicians, celebrities and world events have caused us to lose focus on what matters most to us. I do not know about you, but I was not called to save the world – there is only but so much I can handle. And I do not think you were designed to be a superhero also.

If you take on more than what you were designed or able to handle – then that is a prescription for a mental breakdown. So don’t do it, only focus on what matters most. It means keeping things simple.

How to keep things simple

Simplicity means focusing on the tasks that matter most to you and your business. In other words, get rid of the fluff.

Remove the excess stuff (and perhaps people) you do not need to worry about.

I remember a client of mine wanted to get involved in several charities that she supported. But it seemed impossible to be actively involved when we looked at all the tasks she needed to do. The best she could do was help one organization, in a limited capacity.

I have some questions to help you improve your life and simplify things:

  • What things do you need to simplify?
  • What things can you eliminate?
  • Where is your activities doing more harm than good?

Be honest about them and try to remove or minimize the things that do not require much of your time.

Tips To Get Some More Exercise And Feel Confident

Exercise is SO IMPORTANT for many reasons. Not only does exercise help you improve your confidence because you are healthier and stronger, but it will help improve your self-esteem. Fitter and stronger bodies are usually have a healthy outlook on not just their personal life but also your professional life.

Make it your aim to perform some form of cardiovascular exercise at least 30 minutes a day for five days a week. And do not forget strength training exercises at least two to three times a week. A fit body requires a fit mind, so do not stop being active.

Final Thoughts

Confidence is takes time, effort and energy. Investing in yourself is one of the best ways to improve not just your business but your life. Consider working with me or taking one of my business and life digital courses. 

Dig deeper: Need more confidence advice? Click to listen to this episode or press the play button below.

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