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You know you can do more

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It’s easier than you think to show a positive and courageous spirit to the world. IF you have the right people on your team.

Continue reading and learn how I can help you find clarity, happiness and purpose in ALL AREAS of your life.

I Get You. Let Me Explain.

I’m Denise G. Lee, confidence booster, plan maker, and all ‘round partner in coaching you to the greatness you were born to be. I help savvy business owners like you cut through the crap and see things for how they are, not for how you’d like them to be. 

As an emphatic introvert, I understand how lack of clarity and stress can cause problems in your life. I help you come up with plans that are realistic for your stage of business and life. Let me help you understand yourself at a deeper level so that you make the right decisions, without hesitation or uncertainty.

Your story may not be too far from mine. 

Low self esteem got me involved in uninteresting personal and professional activities which affirmed the belief that my dreams and wishes had to come second to the approval of others. I stayed at jobs and in relationships that slowly and steadily eroded my confidence. There was little to no foundation to build anything of meaning because I felt so hollow and empty inside. I masked away the pain with sarcasm and comfort eating because I was dishonest with myself and others. Everything I did kept me stuck repeating old and destructive patterns. This emotional quicksand had to end. I needed a strategy to help me overcome not just the anxiety, but the need to please others in all areas of my life.

My recovery journey taught me that you’ll only grow to the capacity of your risk tolerance. Your best intelligence got you to where you are today.

After many years of trying to fix my problems alone, through freebies and low cost programs, I was nowhere close to a solution. Moreover, I refused to risk anything beyond $500 unless I was convinced it was the “holy grail,” or perfect solution. Continuing this strategy while expecting different results was sheer madness. I knew I needed more help. After much thought, I invested two mid-priced group business coaching programs. Both were enlightening as it forced me to expose my unresolved traumatic memories. These programs confirmed my prior lack of investment in myself because of my deep fear of failure. 

I then took a deep dive into trauma and anxiety therapy, post-traumatic stress disorder, cognitive-based therapy and spiritual self help programs. Throughout the course of my own inner healing journey, I learned to celebrate the best aspects of myself while silencing the negative, critical and judgmental thoughts that kept me stuck in negative habits. I finally learned to trust myself and my ability to succeed.

🎧 LISTEN: Three reasons why you may be chronically anxious and how to fix it.

Many personal and professional development programs treat you as a number rather than a person with unique issues. I learned this truth through my own personal experiences. I established Denise Lee Coaching because I saw a deep need for combined life and business coaching programs, with a focus on customized self-care and trauma recovery.

If you are looking to escape from the quicksand of negativity, allow me to help you shovel your way out of your current situation. Learn how how I helped myself, my clients and how I can help you.


I do NOT believe that there is only ONE way to grow a business and I do NOT mind telling you when you are hurting yourself and your chances of success.

How I Got Here

In 2013, I left an almost decade long career managing multi-million dollar projects at FEMA and Census Bureau. And I knew if I could pull that off, I could handle jumping into the fire of running my own business.

So I did!

While still working with those agencies, I grew a personal training business that I started with my own two hands from nothing to being highlighted on TV and winning free mobile advertising by Capital One.

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The power to transform and grow emotionally is inside of ALL OF US.

Feeling good about yourself is intrinsically tied to growing your business.

Past pain can block you emotionally and spiritually, stifling anything you want to accomplish.

Let’s work together to uncover the roots of those pains, dismantle beliefs and ideas which no longer serve you and evolve into a happier, calmer and more successful person.

The emotional healing process is MORE than possible. Inside you there is a voice that wants to grow, learn and change. You are capable of transforming not just yourself, but your community as well for the better.

Now is the time to step out of the shadows of being insecure and step into a brighter, brilliant and bold light of courage, optimism and bravery.

Today is a new day to be the best version of yourself.

Becoming the best version of yourself requires a commitment to heal, grow and learn.

I left the personal training industry to become the guide that you need to help you bring all of the gifts that you can provide to others in business and in life.

Through my exclusive process, I will help you escape destructive thoughts which make you feel depressed, insecure, anxious and afraid. Let’s work together to create a custom plan designed to improve how you work, live and play. This WILL change your world. 

Are you ready to transform your business and your life?

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