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If you find yourself repeating habits that keep you trapped, then Consult me.

You know you got the goods.

So why can’t you show the world??

Good news!

It’s easier than you think to show up in the world. IF you have the right people on your team.

Nice to meet you!

Meet your business' new BFF

I’m Denise G. Lee, confidence booster, plan maker, and all ‘round partner in coaching you to the greatness you were born to be. I help savvy business owners like you cut through the crap and see things for how they are, not for how you’d like them to be. 

I help you come up with plans that are realistic for your stage of business. I help empower you to know who you are and what you want to accomplish.

And I do it because, for far too long, I was dying inside, thinking that I needed somebody to affirm me and make me feel like I was worth attention.

I did not realize that the power was already inside of me and it is within ALL OF US.

Feeling good about myself is intrinsically tied to growing my business for so long. 

And if you are covering up shit that is blocking you emotionally and spiritually, then you will not grow. I want to be the support people like you need me to be, that second pair of eyes, to help you grow emotionally and professionally.


I do NOT believe that there is only ONE way to grow a business and I do NOT mind telling you when you are hurting yourself and your chances of success.

How I Got Here

In 2013, I left an almost decade long career managing multi-million dollar projects at FEMA and Census Bureau. And I knew if I could pull that off, I could handle jumping into the fire of running my own business.

So I did !

While still working with those agencies, I grew a personal training business that I started with my own two hands from nothing to being highlighted on TV and winning free mobile advertising by Capital One.

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But, eventually, I realized a few things:

So I left the personal training industry to become the guide that spiritual people like you need to help you bring all of the gifts that God gave you to the world.

Through my exclusive process, I help you answer the hard questions, do the hard work and create plans for everything so that you not only have time for growing your business but also for play time with the family you love so much.

I know you’re ready for this. You’ve been preparing your whole life for it.