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My name is Denise Lee

I am Life Coach for entrepreneurial women.

For over seven years, I have helped strong women like yourself find clarity, grow their confidence, transform their businesses and improve their lives through combined business and life coaching call for entrepreneurs.

For over seven years, I have helped strong women like yourself understand that you can be cherished for your gentle and caring femininity without losing your inner power. Yes, it is possible to show your soft side and still run a successful business.

Allow me to understand your current situation, learn your desires and help you live a happier and more fulfilled life. 

Now is the time to achieve clarity and find peace by booking a call with Denise Lee. 

You deserve to have a safe sounding board to discuss your struggles or concerns. Isn’t it time to talk with someone who understands your ambition and drive to succeed?

You may think, “Will Denise understand me and my situation?” or “Why should I trust her?” No doubt speaking with a stranger about personal issues is scary. This is perfectly understandable and normal. Frankly, it feels weird to ask for help when you have become accustomed to solving problems by yourself. Despite these hesitations, you owe it to your future self and your community to learn what needs to change within yourself and your business. 

You deserve to live a happy and fulfilled life.


  • Making decisions with out second guessing or worrying
  • Better relationships in all areas of your life 
  • Conquering challenges that once seemed too big or impossible 

Book Your Call With Denise Lee And Now is your time to shine! 

You deserve to have a call and work with a life coach for entrepreneurs who understand you and your strugglesThis is especially true for entrepreneurial women.

Let’s work together to…

  • End the unnecessary stress and drama
  • Find ways you can work smarter instead of harder
  • Create better emotional boundaries with others in your life

Regardless of your situation, you can and will overcome it.

If something within yourself or your business needs to change, take the next step and reach out to me for support and book a call. You are more than ready for this. 

Prior to your call with Denise Lee, you can expect to receive free and helpful resources via email. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Life Coach Support | Entrepreneurship Issues | Entrepreneurship Fear | Entrepreneurship Support | Support to Achieve Goals | Business Coach For Entrepreneurs

If you find yourself repeating habits that keep you trapped, afraid and limited, know there is a BETTER way to work, play and live.

I'm here to help you

Call With Life Coach Denise Lee | Call With Life Coach For Entrepreneurs

Who is this call NOT for?

Ready for a BIG change?

If you are serious about seeing changes in your business and/or life, book your life coach consultation call for entrepreneurs today. 

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Call With Life Coach Denise Lee | Call With Life Coach For Entrepreneurs | Business Coach For Entrepreneurs

Regardless of the call outcome, you will learn:

Karina's Story

Read Karina’s story and learn how I can improve your business and transform your life.

As a child of a womanizing father and codependent mother, Karina knew how to please everyone, except herself. Despite being a talented student in school and later a high-performing teacher, Karina suffered with low-self esteem and was prone to binge eating.

Karina originally sought my help to control her emotional eating and start a new business. We discovered that her self-doubt and people-pleasing issues were also creating unhealthy relationship dynamics with everyone in her life, including her young daughter.

Throughout our sessions, she can learned to trust herself, create stronger emotional boundaries with family, friends and clients. Like Karina, with your work and my support you will:

Call With Life Coach Denise Lee | Call With Life Coach For Entrepreneurs | Tips to Feel Confident | Tips to Be Confident | Tips For Confidence | Confidence For Entrepreneurs | Feel Confident

You Deserve to Live a Life Filled with Purpose and Positivity. Book your No-Obligation Call Now.

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