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My name is Denise Lee

I am a no-BS, results-oriented Life & Business Coach for entrepreneurs

For over seven years I have helped men like yourself end toxic habits, grow their confidence, transform their businesses and improve their lives through combined business and life coaching for entrepreneurs.

I understand speaking with a stranger about personal issues is uncomfortable. 

You may have thoughts like, “Will she understand my issues as a man in business?” or “I hope Denise can give me a plan that works.” This is perfectly understandable and normal. We all want to feel safe and understood. Trusting others can make us feel uneasy especially if we are used to being in control of our situation.

However, you owe it to your future self and your community to learn what needs to change within yourself and your business. 

My main goal is for you is to help you make more money, support your family, reduce your stress and live your life with maximum clarity and simplicity.

Take the next step and reach out to me for support. There is nothing to lose. You are more than ready for this. 

Prior to your call, you can expect to receive free and helpful resources via email. 


There are a limited number of appointments for the month of December. I can only work with men and entrepreneurs who believe in themselves and their success and have an immediate need for business or life coaching.


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Life Coach Support | Entrepreneurship Issues | Entrepreneurship Fear | Entrepreneurship Support | Support to Achieve Goals | Business Coach For Entrepreneurs

If you find yourself repeating habits that keep you trapped, afraid and limited, know there is a BETTER way to work, play and live.

I'm here to help you

Call With Life Coach Denise Lee | Call With Life Coach For Entrepreneurs

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Ready for a BIG Change?

If you are serious about seeing changes in your business and/or life, book your life coach consultation call today. 

Fill out the information below and expect to receive a response via TEXT-MESSAGE within 24 hours.

Call With Life Coach Denise Lee | Call With Life Coach For Entrepreneurs | Business Coach For Entrepreneurs

Regardless of the call outcome, you will learn:

Hoi's Story

Read Hoi’s story and learn how I can improve your business and transform your life.

Born in Hong Kong, at 5 years of age, Hoi immigrated to New York City, New York. His parents were mostly absent from home, working low-wage jobs in order to provide food and shelter for him and his older brother. Hoi vowed that one day he would help his parents live a better life. As a child, Hoi did the best he could to support his non English-speaking parents. Hoi acted as a translator, balanced their checkbooks and asked next to nothing from them, even when he needed to buy new clothes or shoes. 

Hoi graduated from an Ivy League college and took on many financial risks to help secure a better financial future for him and his family. While he gained immense fortunes in various financial investments, he lost considerable fortunes as well. At one point, Hoi lost almost $300,000 and was forced to ask for a loan to repay his debts.

Hoi originally sought my help manage his financial risks and create balance between his work and personal life. We also discovered that his self-doubt and people-pleasing issues were also creating unhealthy relationship dynamics with everyone in his life, including his parents.

Throughout our sessions, he learned to trust himself, create stronger emotional boundaries with family, friends and clients. Like Hoi, with your work and my support you will:

You Deserve to Live a Life Filled with Purpose and Positivity. Book your No-Obligation Call Now.

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