The Process


We’ll establish your goals...even set a plan for your most audacious dreams

Where you based

Then, we’ll assess where you are based on your current lifestyle, habits and values.

Strategize processes

That’s when this really gets fun! We strategize processes and automations that will help you reach those goals.

Walk the talk!

After that? It’s time to walk the talk!

Beside need

And I’ll be beside you if you need anything

How long does it take?

Creating habits

Creating and reinforcing brand new habits and behaviors can take time, but when you have someone in your corner helping you through this process, it can be as little as six months or can take as much as one year.

Zoom sessions

But we’ll meet weekly over Zoom and you’ll get the recording as soon as it's ready (because I’d rather record and process it than waste precious time taking notes and losing focus).


Because the interim is where change happens, not in Zoom where we spend our time planning and strategizing, so you will be able to reach me, should you need me in those critical moments in between.

Focused on reflections

In between our sessions where we are focused on reflections and next steps, if you need me, I’ll be just a text away.