Three Tips to Finding New Clients in the Coronavirus Era

By Derek Goodman

The coronavirus has upended many people’s careers. Chances are, your client base has shrunk in response to the pandemic. Even though restrictions are loosening up, many people are more hesitant to make purchases and start new partnerships due to lingering feelings of uncertainty. But there is good news, you can still GROW your business despite COVID-19. Below are three tips to find new clients in the coronavirus era.

Reassure Your Clients You Will Help Protect Them From the Coronavirus

Making potential clients and customers feel secure is one of the first steps you’ll want to take before trying any other new approaches. These techniques can give your clients peace of mind. 

  • Draft a COVID-19 policy for your website or email newsletter to explain how you’re keeping customers and employees safe. 
  • Maintaining regular contact with your clients or customers is a good way to reassure them, especially if the situation is changing rapidly. 
  • Staying authentic is beneficial under normal circumstances, but authenticity goes even farther when customers and business owners are all experiencing the same struggles. 
  • Use Google My Business to keep everything as up-to-date as possible, such as operating hours or current policies.

Be Willing to Adapt Your Marketing Strategy in the New Coronavirus Era

Flexibility and creativity are some of the most important ingredients for running a successful business. These ideas can help you adjust your business model in response to the pandemic. 

  • Learn how to become more organized, efficient, productive, and successful through Denise Lee’s business courses.
  • If there’s a way you can help people for free without preventing yourself from breaking even, it might be more powerful than you think. 
  • Try out a new marketing approach. For example, paid social ads are an affordable way to drive more traffic to your website. 
  • If you usually send outreach materials to find new leads, look for ways to explain the value of your services in relation to COVID-19. 
  • If your current services aren’t that relevant during the pandemic, look for alternative ways to help the community. Even if you take a hit, your actions might have a lasting, positive impact on your business. 

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Be On The Lookout for Additional Resources

Being an independent contractor or business owner is hard enough without a pandemic going on. If you’re finding it difficult to adapt to the crisis, these resources can help: 

  • There are a variety of programs, including loans and grants, to help you make ends meet. 
  • Numerous tools and services have been made available for small business owners struggling to cope with the pandemic. 
  • If you’ve shifted your team to remote work, being aware of the challenges can help your team handle any changes you might have implemented.

Even though the pandemic is slowing down in some areas, its impact will probably last for a long time. Landing clients is tough during a pandemic because you can’t rely on the same methods and approaches for making connections as you did in the past.

Adjusting your business model and looking for new ways to reach out to people can be surprisingly powerful as your client base navigates the effects of the pandemic and looks for ways to accept the new normal. 

Derek Goodman is an entrepreneur committed to help freelancers get the tools they need to succeed! Send Derek a message or visit for more resources.

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