Using the Power of Sexual Energy in Business

You may not know this but sexual energy is an important part of not just your romantic life, but your entrepreneurial journey. Yes, you can use that energy in business too. Sexual energy will help you to feel more confident about you and your ability to succeed. This is a concept called sex transmutation. Below are tips on using the power of sexual energy in business.

Let’s talk about sex transmutation

Many years I learned about the concept of sex transmutation from Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. Sex transmutation means “the switching of the mind from thoughts of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature.” In other words, the same energy that is used to create passionate fire in your bedroom can be translated into your business. This passionate energy used to make sparks fly in the bedroom can also be used to make a difference in the real world.

Feel the passion everywhere, not just in the bedroom

Every business owner should take advantage of their unique and powerful sexual energy. This will help you to attract like minded customers, staff and customers alike. This seems obvious but it needs to be explained in detail. When you feel confident about you and your ability make money, you will naturally engage in client-attraction activities. And it is inevitable for your business to grow if you are speaking boldly and with confidence.

Feel confident in your ability not just to make money, but to succeed!

I know you can do great things. You are able to influence the world once you know that there are no such things as limits. Keep the sensual fire stocked in your mind. Sensual energy will allow you to feel more confident to be more bold, daring and courageous. Now that you know the power that is already inside of you, let’s talk about how to feel more sensual in your business.

How to feel more sensual in your business

I want you to feel good about yourself from the inside out. In my article, 6 tips to feel more confident, I talked about the power of feeling good by wearing clothes which make you feel happy and confident. (Psst: Check out the audio version of this topic.)

You would not want to work in a dungeon – right? So, why spend a day or heck, even a few hours, in a dimly lit and depressing looking office. Here are some tips to tip “glam” up your office. I am giving you some links to things that I like but I want you to choose things that make sense for you.

Now that you have a more organized physical space, let’s talk about how you can feel better emotionally and spiritually.

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Feeling good from the inside out

Be good to yourself and remind yourself of all the wonderful things you have done and are capable of doing in the future. Stop beating yourself if you had a bad sales week, month or even year. Just remember that as long as you want to learn and help others, your business will eventually become successful.

Helpful people are always richly rewarded in the end.

While you are affirming yourself, you might as well surround yourself with people who affirm your ability to do great things. Let me be honest about share something with you: Most people are afraid to fail. That is why most people do not step out in courage and start a business. And if they start a business and fail, they are reluctant to try it again.

Seeing someone take a risk is not just intimidating but reminds them of their past fears and disappointments.

That is why you have to be very mindful of who you disclose your ideas and new projects. I am not saying that you need to find people who are “yes women or men,” or people who never disagree with your ideas but you need to surround yourself  around people who understand the inherent risks of starting and running a business.

Be a good lover to

As I was preparing this article, I saw numerous overlaps between seducing a romantic lover and obtaining new clients. I came across this article from the Conscious Lifestyle Magazine on “How to Harness Sexual Energy for Spiritual Growth and Healing.” In the article they listed 10 qualities for a good lover.  Alongside each number below I list ways to make it applicable to you in the business world.

Every good entrepreneur should be perpetually curious.

Business always isn’t not about business. Know how to take a moment out and relax.

You want to make sure your customers feel comfortable, confident and happy to invest their time, money and energy with you. Wow your customers through excellent service and product quality. Make sure your customers believe that they made a good decision by choosing your business.

It is okay to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. A good business person is not ashamed to admit when they made a mistake or error. There is confidence in knowing that you are okay with being less than perfect.

A creative business is a thriving business. Find new ways to excite your prospective and existing customers alike.

Always be ready to listen and emphasize with the concerns and needs of your customers, employers and business associates.

Your business is a long-game operation. Take the time to learn your craft and establish long term contacts.

Successful entrepreneurs not only enjoy profits but also helping helping others.

Always seek to learn and understand the needs of business associates.

Pay attention and listen to the needs of your customers and business associates.

You can do this tiger! I believe in you. Do not be afraid of the energy that is already inside of you. Let it loose and do not be afraid of what will happen next. Business is not just a challenge, but it is a worthwhile adventure.

So…did you like what you just read? Got a question or comment? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Need Help Feeling More Confident?

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