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Hey there, savvy entrepreneur! Are you on the lookout for a platform to showcase your brand? Well, guess what? We’re here to help you shine!  Here at the Introverted Entrepreneur Podcast, where we’re all about elevating products and services that empower our audience to thrive personally and professionally. Could this be the perfect match for your business? Let’s find out!

About Us

This podcast is hosted by the fabulous Denise G. Lee, life coach for business owners. Armed with a knowledgeable yet quirky personality, she is on a mission to uplift introverted entrepreneurs like yourself. 

Our show is a vibrant hub of insightful conversations, practical tips, and expert guests, all geared towards helping you conquer the world of entrepreneurship while staying true to your introverted nature.

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Why Sponsor Us?

  • Engaged Audience: Picture this—a community of introverted entrepreneurs hanging on your every word! That’s the power of our podcast’s audience. They’re eager for authentic conversations and practical advice to fuel their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Unique Conversations: We pride ourselves on delivering candid, unfiltered conversations that resonate deeply with our audience. No fluff, just real talk that fosters genuine connections and trust.
  • Niche Relevance: Your brand deserves to be seen by the right people, and that’s exactly who tunes in to our podcast. We’re all about catering to the needs and interests of introverted entrepreneurs, making us the perfect platform for your message.

Podcast Sponsorship Packages

Ready to take your brand to the next level? We’ve got a range of sponsorship packages designed to suit your needs and objectives:

  1. Title Sponsorship Package: Be the star of the show with exclusive title sponsorship! Your brand will shine in the podcast intro/outro, with dedicated mentions in every episode.

  2. Episode Sponsorship Package: Put your brand in the spotlight with sponsorship of individual episodes. Choose from pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ad placements to captivate our audience.

  3. Segment Sponsorship Package: Make waves with sponsorship of specific segments within episodes. Whether it’s a Q&A session, expert interview, or tips of the week, your brand will steal the spotlight.

  4. Branded Content Package: Collaborate with us to create custom branded content or sponsored episodes tailored to your brand’s message and objectives. It’s all about showcasing your brand in the best light!

  5. Event or Product Launch Package: Amplify your brand’s visibility with sponsorship of special episodes dedicated to your upcoming event, product launch, or campaign. It’s your time to shine!

New Episodes Every Monday and Wednesday!

Get ready for a dose of inspiration and insight, twice a week! Our new episodes drop every Monday and Wednesday, delivering fresh perspectives and practical advice to fuel your entrepreneurial journey. And don’t worry – there will be plenty of people who are excited and pumped for each new episode. 

Révan @Révan
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Very informative. Your podcast and Twitter have been helping me work through some of my internal challenges. Thank you so very much. You are appreciated!
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Really enjoyed this podcast, the last section in particular were you summarize everything. Very empowering!
Rolland Saver
Rolland Saver@Rolsarver
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Profoundly helpful and exactly for me!

Let’s Make Magic Happen!

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