What Clients Think About Denise Lee

If I could summarize my life before Denise's help, it would be chaos and doubt. Some days I would wake up feeling afraid that I would not be good enough for myself and others. These feelings of fear caused me to second guess my needs and priorities of the day.

While others praised me, inside I constantly doubted my skills as an entrepreneur, wife and mother.

These negative feelings impacted my health, personal relationships and finances. Near constant fears about my capabilities paralyzed me and prevented me from positively improving my life.

Reading self-improvement books and listening to audios weren't very helpful or helped me temporarily and very subtly. I knew that a coach was needed to help me break out from these unhelpful patterns. Once I started working with Denise each week, I noticed the desire to feel self pity, remorse and anxiety slowly started to slip away. Each session with Denise helped me take action in all areas of my life.

The difference in my life now is that I see each day more positively and I feel excited about my life. I do not have fear of trying new things, I intuitively know how to eat a balanced and healthy diet, exercise, relax if I need to, have quality time with my family and make plans for the future about my family and my work.

I am very grateful for the guidance and emotional support that I have received from Denise, my family noticed a change in me from the first week, because I really wanted to change and be a better person. That wouldn't have happened without the help of my coach, Denise.
Karina Zaghi

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