How to get rid of Jealousy once and for all

Starting a business is not easy for numerous reasons. One of the major obstacles that new business owners deal with is jealousy. And jealousy is a serious issue that has caused many business owners to quit prematurely. Here are three tips on how to get rid of jealousy once and for all.

Keep Your Grass Watered

When you begin your business, it feels as if there is no growth or no traction in your growth. I will never forget with my prior personal training business it felt for the longest time it would never grow. I just poured more and more time and money into my business. I did everything in the beginning to grow my business: I attended networking events, paid for MANY get-rich-quick marketing programs, partnered with other small business owners and even participated in Groupon campaigns.

But do you know what really helped grow my business?

I kept watering my grass.

In other words, I kept focused on all the little things that mattered most to my business and lost expectations on how fast my business should grow.

Every time I focused on how much effort I should expend, I lost track on who I wanted to help and why I wanted to grow my business. Jealousy isn’t allowed when you are focused on your business. Keep your attention on tasks that matter most to the success of you and your business.

Focus On Your Long Term Objectives

Talking about focusing on the tasks that matter most, keeping focused on your objectives is another key issue. As I write this article (July 2020) Netflik is a huge company worth over $20 billion dollars but it has had rough patches along the way. For example, in fall of 2012 Netflix announced an 88% decline in profits for the third quarter of the year.  The reason for the loss in profits was due to heavy their investment into the international market. Netflix made the risk of investing into unknown markets to guarantee their long term success.

As a business owner, you always need to stay focused on your long term objectives. Staying focused on your goals will help you to make sure you make strategic and calculated risks. And yes, sometimes these risks feel really scary – but they are worth it. Stay focused on the long term viability of your business rather than only seeking short-term profits.

Think to yourself on the investments you can make right now to improve your business for the long run. Should you be investing in more equipment or supplies? Is it getting a coach like me to help you create long term goals? If so, let’s schedule a time to talk.

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Successful people keep focused on their own challenges and priorities.

Maintain Your Emotional Boundaries

I am not going to lie to you, maintaining emotional boundaries is an incredibly difficult thing to do. As an empathic business owner, I have taken in not just the good but the bad parts of connecting with others online. Every time I feel jealous, it means that I am taking energy away from connecting with my clients and learning to growing professionally. Moreover, it means that I am robbing myself of an attitude of gratitude and being present in my current reality.

Jealousy is a key violation of my emotional boundaries. Maintaining emotional boundaries means that I am focusing my energies on people and things that nourish my soul. That also means quickly identifying and blocking out energies that keep me feeling negative, envious and preoccupied with things that do not concern me. This is all part of eliminating negative energy and removing stress.

Maintaining my emotional boundaries also includes not preoccupying myself with the activities of others.

Remember this key fact: Successful people keep focused on their own challenges and priorities. Remind yourself every day that your job is to stay focused on helping others, loving your present reality and helping your customers.

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