Life Coach for Entrepreneurs

Learn How Combined Life and Business Coaching Will Transform Your Life

After working with hundreds of clients over the years and doing my own personal healing work, I discovered a crucial truth: 

Past Pain Travels into ALL ASPECTS of your PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL life.

From childhood experiences with family and friends to your interactions in school and your relationships with loved ones, these early influences shape how you navigate through life. The ways you’ve learned to interact with others have a ripple effect on your business. 

If these ripples are filled with low self-esteem and untreated past hurts and traumas, they can escalate into waves—or even a tsunami—that may crush and destroy your dreams and desires.

If you find yourself trapped in repetitive habits that leave you feeling afraid and limited, know that there is a better way to work, play, and live.

Now is the time to heal unresolved pain while growing your brand. This is your next step after therapy

Do not let unresolved emotional issues disrupt your future. 

Read more to learn how I will help you resolve past pains, grow your business and improve your confidence with the best life coaching and business coaching for entrepreneurs.

Business and life coaching is different, just like yourself.

Work with a coach who understands the challenges of growing and scaling a business.

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Quit the Self-Doubt

Some of us have operated in fear, anger and self-doubt. Others hid their talents for fear of criticism. 

If that is you, know you are in a safe space.

As a life coach for entrepreneurs, I will help you heal from those past emotional pains so that you can thrive in all areas of your life. 

Learn how to self-nurture yourself without self-medicating or engaging in addictive behaviors. You will also learn how to promote yourself with conviction and confidence.

Yes, you are in charge of your destiny! No more living small or in fear.

Now is the time to receive the best life coaching and support you as a business owner wanted for YEARS.

No more


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No more

doubt in your mission

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No more


A woman sitting on top of a couch next to a table.

You want to grow your business. You also want to heal in a safe and supportive environment.

I want to help you with the best life coaching for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Now is the time to grow into the happier, confident and brighter person you know you can become with the best life coach for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Grow with Denise's Magic™ Method

Map out Your Goals

We’ll establish your goals...even set a plan for your most audacious dreams.

Attack the Obstacles

We will tackle any limited beliefs that may get you stuck in negative thought-patterns.

Get Your Custom Plan

That’s when this really gets fun! We will create a custom plan to help you reach those goals.

Initiate and Go!

I will provide you resources, ideas and tools to succeed. Nothing should stop you now!

Constant Support

Connect with me via between sessions.

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How does a life coach for entrepreneurs program work?

Answers to FAQs about working with Denise G. Lee

Life and business coaching can transform your life by providing you with the clarity, confidence, and strategies needed to achieve your personal and professional goals. You’ll overcome obstacles, build healthier relationships, and find a balance that allows you to thrive.

Yes, I will! In our sessions, we’ll work on making plans and strategies for your business and life. 

After each session, you’ll get homework tailored to what we’ve discussed. These assignments will help you remember what we covered and make real progress. Doing this work between sessions is super important—it keeps you growing and changing until we meet again.

At the moment, I focus solely on one-on-one coaching sessions, ensuring your privacy and personalized attention. 

We’ll meet via Zoom video call, and here’s the best part: you can record our sessions to review and track your progress later on. It’s like having your own personal growth library at your fingertips!

If you find yourself in need of support between our sessions, don’t worry.

You can reach out to me via Marco Polo, a mobile video communications app, and I’ll be there to help you through it. Your well-being is my priority, and I’m here to support you whenever you need it.

I’m honored by your interest in working with me, even if you’re not a business owner. 

While my primary focus is on coaching entrepreneurs, I do offer single consultations for individuals in various circumstances. Let’s connect and explore how I can support you on your journey

Wondering about my experience? Read the ‘about Denise‘ page. Also, check out my blog! You’ll find lots of articles on self-care, work-life balance, addictions, family dynamics, and stress management. 

And don’t forget my entrepreneur podcast, with over 500 episodes covering these topics. There’s plenty of valuable info for you to enjoy!

Click here for the most up-to-date pricing information for all Denise’s coaching programs.

I understand the importance of confidentiality and therefore, I don’t share the contact information of past clients. 

However, I encourage you to explore my testimonial page to hear about the experiences of others who have worked with me. Their stories may provide valuable insights into the transformative power of coaching.

I create a personalized approach crafted specifically for you, addressing your individual needs and delving into your personal ‘life script.’ This process aims to help you heal from past emotional burdens, enhance self-nurturing practices, and cultivate unwavering confidence and conviction.

Additionally, I integrate spirituality to ensure holistic alignment of your mind, body, and soul, empowering you to achieve true harmony and fulfillment.

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Who is this program best for?

By clearly understanding who will benefit most from this program, we can ensure that our time together will be productive, transformative, and aligned with your goals. If you see yourself in the “This Will Work Great For?” section, then you are ready to take the next step toward a more confident, successful, and fulfilling life and business.

It's time to make things happen!

Book your first session with Denise, a life coach for entrepreneurs, now and watch yourself thrive!

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