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Five Things Successful People Avoid Doing

As I sit and think about how to grow as a business owner, the following mindset issues flow through my mind: Which types of fears and anxieties keep us trapped? Which things prevent us from stepping from fearful to fearless?

Success comes through positive attitudes and actions that manifest from their mindset. Based on my experience, there are five things successful people avoid in their day-to-day life.

As you read this article, think of which area(s) you struggle with and try to address it immediately before it becomes worse.

Successful People Avoid Trying to Please Everyone

People are fickle, one day they may love you – the next day they won’t. We cannot control how people feel about us, but we can control how we react to their input. 

If you are facing unnecessary pressure to please others – that is a sign you are not working from a spirit of helping but rather from a sense of ego. Take a step back and check your motives. You may be doing things for all of the wrong reasons.

The people who value us are our ideal clients – focus on them. These people provide us constructive feedback and suggestions.

Emotional vampires and haters only provide us with grief, anxiety and wrongful expectations. Besides, we cannot spend our energy focusing on those who constantly criticize or demean our work – these people typically do not seek our help nor desire to help us grow.

If you are receptive to hearing feedback from others, here are some questions to help to discern whether the advice will help or hurt you :

  1. Is what they are saying designed to help me or themselves?
  2. If I follow tips/advice from (fill in the blank person), will I still like myself and my business?
  3. Does this advice align with how my spirit/soul operates? Does following their advice make me feel good or icky inside?

You will be less likely to be held hostage to the opinions of others as long as you are honest with yourself.

Fearing Change is Not Allowed In the Mind of the Successful

Change is scary, I know – it is scary because we cannot wrap our minds around uncertainty. If we are to grow and develop, we need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Change is a good thing! Do not be upset or rattled when change happens. Think of it as your invitation to new professional and spiritual growth.

Do not be upset or rattled when change happens. Think of it as your invitation to new professional and spiritual growth.

Challenging and uncertain situations help us to grow and think faster. Here are some mantras that have helped me when I have felt anxious and afraid during new situations:

Successful People Focus on the Future and Not the Past

I got a question for you:  When you drive your car do you constantly look in the front or the back of the car? I hope you look forward for the majority of the time. If you are constantly looking in the back while driving it is only a matter of time before you crash your car.

Let’s think a little more deeply about this car analogy.

The front of your car allows you an almost 180 view of the surroundings around you. To help improve your visibility, you have your side mirrors when you decide to veer the car either to the left or right.

But you only have ONE rear view mirror.

The rearview mirror is designed to help us in special circumstances. For example, we use the rearview mirror to backup and/or get out of from tough-spots.  You only look back when you need to examine how to avoid certain troubling spots.

Use this example in your business-life. Every missed opportunity. Every failed business venture. Put these moments in the rearview mirror of your business life.

You captured your lessons-learned and are ready to move onto the next new challenge.

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Successful People Do Not Look Lowly On Themselves

If you are looking down on yourself I have only one suggestion: Stop it.

Stop it right now.

Those who think too low of themselves have the same problems of egotistical people – thinking too much of oneself and less of others.

Here are some obvious facts of life: We have all messed up something in the past.

We will probably make some more mistakes along the way. In others words, you cannot think lowly of yourselves.


I am getting better each and every day. I am more than capable of doing awesome work in my business.

Low self-esteem and self worth will ALWAYS sabotage you from experiencing new things.

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Overthinking and Perfectionism is Not Allowed

I am really guilty of overthinking.

Overthinking is another form of perfectionism and successful people avoid doing this thing.

This is when we are trying to get out all the kinks, massage the little details and make sure everything looks smooth, shiny and looking good.

The reality is we cannot have everything looking good all of the time. That is impossible.

We can review things.

We can ask other people to review things and still miss a detail or two.

But the best thing we can do is just to take our time, do our best and let the chips fall where they may.

Thats it! Do not be so hard on yourself! Nobody is perfect.

I hope some or all of these tips will help you and understand the things successful people avoid doing.

Growing a business is not easy, so feel free to contact me if you want to talk about any of these tips in detail.

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