Stress – Eliminate it NOW with these Four Tips

As I write this article, we are still in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic. Some areas have seen a reduction in infections, while others (such as Texas), have seen a surge of new cases. This event has forced many of us to live, work and play in a new way. We may feel more stressed. It is okay to feel stressed but we also need to manage our stress. Here are four tips to help manage your stress:

Tip One: Expect NOTHING

Do you work harder than normal during moments of stress? I do. Call it a coping strategy. And if you find yourself working harder, often times there is an expectation that you will receive a greater reward for your level of work.

More output does not mean more reward. To maintain your sanity, drop your expectations and expect nothing from your work.

When you are expecting an outcome that means you are expecting things which are out of your control. For example, you could create the best program, filled with great content and information. You could then market it everywhere and anywhere – but you cannot force people to buy it. You cannot force a certain number of sales. Of course you want to make money, but your focus should be giving your customers quality products. Allow them to make the decision to purchase or not.

Your job is to stay focused on giving your customers great value, serving and showing up.

If you are consistent, the results will come in time.

Tip Two: Take time for YOURSELF

I am most energized and focused after I exercise. My favorite activity is jogging. Not only does it help clear my mind (and control my weight), it helps me maintain a positive emotional outlook.

When I jog, I focus on enjoying the air and listening to a podcast.

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Taking time for yourself is essential. Everything you do does not have to be about work. Find some activity you enjoy that helps you decompress and shift your mind away from your duties. There are many free or low-cost stress reduction activities such as journaling, working on a puzzle, doodling or reading a favorite book.

Everybody needs to spend at least 15-30 minutes each day taking a moment to rest and relax. I do not care if you have a spouse, kids, work full-time and are trying to grow your business – you can still give yourself this time for yourself. Sometimes I will just sit alone in a quiet space in my home to help me focus on clear my mind.

Tip Three -Connect with LOVED ones

Anyone who knows me knows that my husband Hoi is my best friend. I mean that in every sense.

We talk, share ideas and enjoy good stories. Even though we have been married for almost nine years, I am still learning new things about his childhood and early adulthood.

One way to help reduce stress in your life is to take time to connect with your loved ones in a deeper manner. Who knows what interesting things you may learn from them? Connecting with loved ones will help release tensions and help you to focus on other matters of life.

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Tip 4: Have a solid business plan

Whenever I feel stressed or anxious, it means I am not relying on my plan. My business plan helps me stay focused and prevents me from getting distracted. So often we get can sidelined and distracted when we hear about a new plan or idea. And when we start to doubt the plan we worked so hard to formulate, the stress can feel overwhelming. Do not do this!

If you need help creating or modifying your business plan, let’s talk! I have a lot of ideas which may completely transform your business, but your mental outlook as well.

Do not let stress take over our mind. You have the power to improve your personal and professional life.

Do you have a stress reduction tip that I did not mention earlier? I would love to read it! Please let me know in the comment section below.

Need help feeling more confident?

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