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Three website features you need to attract more customers

Small business owners know what it’s like to get by with limited resources – and how to maximize your resources. Your website is a hub of activity for connecting with potential customers, which means it’s one of your most essential resources and a primary gateway for growth.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, as a small business owner, you should prioritize the top three components and best features that make your website come together, along with getting the help you need to improve them. Below are three best website features tips to grow your business.

Tip One: Make Sure Your Content is Unique and Captivating 

You may think of getting sales as the primary goal of your website, but customers are made through content that people connect with. Quality content conveys the personality behind who you are and what you do as a business. This is how you establish your legitimacy, build relationships, and ultimately gain customers.

Every industry calls for its own unique content, but the general rules you want to follow are to keep content fresh, focused on your niche, and valuable to readers. Along with strong copy, don’t forget the importance of also featuring images and videos. To keep your content varied and new, try combining what you produce yourself along with getting the help of collaborators and guest bloggers as well.

And while video content has risen in popularity, so has the addition of captions – for both video and audio. Having captions ensures you don’t lose potential clients, including those who are hearing-impaired, as well as anyone who wants to access your information at times when sound isn’t an option. A simple way to save time is to use an online transcription service rather than transcribing content yourself. 


Think your website as your online brochure to your service. It must be inviting, pleasant and easy to read.

Tip Two: Your Website Looks Good and Is Easy to Use

One thing that new and established businesses alike should always remember is the extent to which design impacts a visitor’s impression of your site, as well as your business in general. Web design has come a long way over the past 10 years, and as the U.S. Small Business Administration explains, an outdated website will make visitors think your business isn’t staying current either. This is why you should consider hiring a web designer or developer to get you up to speed, especially if you have outdated website features or if your site lacks the functionality you want.

When you’re ready to get that current design you need, make sure whoever you work with focuses on a few critical components. At a very basic level, you want to remove any graphics or animations that are too busy or distracting, along with fixing any internal links that are broken. Easy navigation is another absolute must for a business website. Let’s face it – people have short attention spans and want to find what they’re looking for fast. If they can’t do that on your site, they aren’t likely to return or become customers.

If you want your site to really shine, consider bringing in a WordPress developer to boost performance and customizability. When hiring a WordPress developer, look for candidates with a deep understanding of WordPress themes and plugins and web development fundamentals (e.g., CSS, JavaScript).  

Tip Three: Optimize Your Website 

The functionality of your site comes from specific elements that attract more visitors and convert them into customers. One of the most important areas of functionality is search engine optimization (SEO), especially when it comes to mobile SEO since more people are now searching, browsing, and even shopping on mobile devices. 

Another reason to focus on mobile SEO is because Google now ranks search engine results based on the mobile version of your site. This means that you could be losing out if your site isn’t mobile-optimized – not only when someone searches for you from a mobile device but also when they’re on a desktop. The internet is full of resources to brush up on what you need to know about SEO, but it’s often worth hiring an expert who specializes in SEO to be sure you have your bases covered.


Closing Thoughts

Being a small business owner means you’re constantly learning and adapting. This is where growth comes from – your ability to keep moving forward. Growing your business takes many forms, but your website is at the center of it all, so of course it’s the one resource that needs to grow along with you.

As a life coach for business owners, I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve all aspects of your business. Don’t hesitate to consider working with me if you need assistance.