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Maximize Your Business Productivity with these Six Powerful Tips

As a successful business owner, you have competing priorities and limited time. If you want to get more, with less effort, you need some tools. In this article, we will discuss six simple, yet powerful tips to maximize your business productivity.

Productivity Tip 1: Maximize your morning routine.

Are you a morning person? I am part of the 5 O’ Clock Club where I wake up 30 minutes before my family so that I can attend to business as well as personal matters.

Even if you are a night owl, you can still make sure you pre-plan in advance the things you want to accomplish for your workday. Refer to your priorities and make sure you tackle those things before you do anything else. 

The work doesn’t end here. Now is the time to examine yourself and see where you can improve your efficiency.

Productivity Tip 2: Ask yourself, “can I do better?”

I used to write my articles from scratch. I spent numerous hours thinking about which words or examples to include. I realized that it was much easier to write out an outline first and then complete the draft at a later time.

Identify areas of inefficiency in your work. These are places where it is takes you a lot of time and effort to complete something. Next, see if you need a tool or someone who can help you improve your productivity.

Now that you have improved your mindset and strategy, now let’s attend to your office space. And yes, this include how you organize your electronic files.

Productivity Tip 3: Organize your electronic and physical workspace.

Do you have a messy workstation in your office? This is where you have books and papers scattered everywhere. Are you spending way more time than is necessary looking for items on your computer?

Identify your major priorities. This is part of how you maximize your business productivity.

How to organize your electronic space

  • Mark a time in your calendar for about 30 minutes once a week to  organize your physical and electronic files. Here is an another way to organize your time.
  • Organize files by subject or topic rather than by date. This makes things much easier to search for later.
  • Eliminate excess electronic files. If you find your computer is running slow you might need to clear your cache or empty out your trash bin. In addition, maintain a computer backup schedule so that you do not lose your files.

Now that everything is organized, now let’s make the most of your day by prioritizing your task by creating deadlines for each day, week and month.

Productivity Tip 4: Identify your priorities (by day, week, and month)

Make sure your calendar reflects the items that must take precedence. One suggestion is to add colored flags on your physical or electronic calendar. Identify the urgent from the important items.

Now that you have your time organized, don’t create more hassle for yourself. Eliminate unnecessary meetings. There is a better way of keeping everyone updated on current events.

Productivity Tip 5: No Unnecessary Meetings


Do not have a meeting for the sake of having a meeting. There are many other ways to update your staff on status updates. You can create an online status board or use software that keeps everyone informed of crucial updates.

Productivity Tip 6: Eliminate negative thinking

Life is not perfect and neither is work. It is okay to vent occasionally, but do not let yourself or others to constantly view things negatively. Successful people don’t have the time nor the pleasure of negative thinking. 

Negative thoughts stifle creativity. Make sure you always think about how to solve your problems. If you must, take a break or do something else in order to diminish impact on stress in your mind.

Closing Thoughts

Being productive in your business comes only through intention. Take a moment to organize your space, remove the negative and focus on important and urgent so that you stay focused and maximize your productivity in your business. 

Did I forget to include another productivity tip? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Being more organized is not an easy task. If you need more help, consider working with me today!