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13 Proven Tips to Improve Your Confidence

As a leader, it is important to feel confident about yourself and your abilities. People look to you for inspiration, hope and guidance.

In this article, we’ll discuss 13 proven tips to improve your confidence level.

Package yourself for success

When you look the part, you’ll carry yourself with more confidence.

Dressing for success does not have to be complicated nor expensive. It can be as simple as wearing a favorite article of clothing, jewelry or cologne. Whatever it is, make sure you dress yourself in a way that makes you feel good.

Dressing for success is important because it will release positive energy and confidence out into the world. Wear something that reminds you of a special event or gives you a good feeling. Trust me – it will help you feel more confident throughout the day.

My favorite feel good strategy is to wear cologne and a favorite piece of jewelry. It gives me a little pick me up, especially during the days I feel sluggish. 

Each mess that you made can be crafted into a message to help someone else grow, heal and improve.

Focus on the future And Improve Your Confidence Level 

Thinking about the past will get you NOWHERE. All of us have made mistakes and blunders along the journey in business.

I will never forget spending thousands of dollars in 2012 in a failed marketing campaign. Each mess that you made is a message for someone else to hear.

Focus on all the bright and wonderful things that are ahead, not behind you. 

Embrace Positivity Energy

Scientists have studied the muscles needed for both facial expressions, and to do a small smile generally uses 10 muscles; a small frown uses 6. On average, a smile uses 12 and a frown 11. However, since humans tend to smile a lot, these muscles are stronger.

A frown may be slightly more effort to produce. So, from a physical perspective – being negative is hard on the body. Your mind and is not wired to feel depressed. Make an effort to feel more positive! 

Resist the urge to feel depressed, angry, anxious, jealous or any toxic energy. Take the time to love who you are, your business journey and the next phase of your life. 

Let Go of Small Mistakes

Now is your time to focus on the future.

Letting go of the small mistakes is recognizing that you are human and that you are not perfect. Focusing on prior mistakes prevents your mind from focusing on the bigger possibilities. Confident people learn from each mistake and move on. 

Ignore the Haters And Improve Confidence Level

I think a lot of people absorb the toxic attitudes of negative people and internalize those feelings. And it is easy to think, “well such and such person did not like me, therefore I am not worthy.”

Most likely those Negative Nancies or Neds have a lot of internal conflict and do not want to see others succeed.

Feeling confident means that you do not let the negative attitude of others occupy too much (or any) space in your mind.

Schedule Time to Play

Working on your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will drive you insane and can cause burnout.

Find fun activities that you enjoy and can share with others. Besides, after you schedule time to play, you are more likely to have more creative ideas.

Continue to Grow and Improve.

Always study. Always learn. I always teach my clients confidence-building basics, but it is up to them to learn and apply them in their lives.

Self-improvement does not always have to be about business. For example, I am always in the process of learning to improve my Spanish speaking skills. Find something outside of your business to learn.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

You are uniquely and beautifully made just the way you are. Your calling is unique and is different from another person.

Put your focus on building up your skills and confidence based on your interests. Every time you focus more on someone else, you are ignoring your unique path.

Stay focused and build your confidence.

Your unique destiny is designed for you and you alone. 

Seek Validation from Within

You may not know this already, but people, especially customers, are EXTREMELY fickle. One day, they will love you and then next day, they may not.

As a business owner, it is important to get your sense of self worth and value from within. Do not look to anyone to make you feel good about yourself and your value as a business person. 

Listen to my podcast episode on perfectionism, this will really help you get the best tips to improve confidence level.

Face Your Fears And Improve Confidence Level

When we ignore or try to avoid our fears, we are letting our anxieties overpower us. And often times, the fear is much more powerful and stronger than the actual fear.

Next time you are facing a fear, write down consequences of each possibility.

Write down what could happen. Here are some questions to help you:

  • How can you fix the problem if it happened?
  • How can you work to make sure it does not become an issue in the future and build your confidence?

Preparing yourself and giving yourself knowledge is the best defense against fear. 

Visualize Your Success

Sometimes I visualize standing on a large stage, talking to a large group of people. That is my larger goal – to help motivate and encourage people in a larger platform.

What is your goal?

What is your vision for success?

Write it down. Refer to it often, especially times when you feel stressed. They will give you the courage to persevere when times are hard. 

Celebrate Small Wins/Count Your Accomplishments

Did you recently close a contract or hit a sales goal? Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back to build your confidence. Tell someone about it! Toot your own horn.

There is nothing wrong or selfish about feeling good about your accomplishments. Maybe this month, you found a way to save $400 for a business item. Whatever it is, write them down and think be proud of yourself. Always think about ways to remind yourself of your abilities. 

Set Small Goals To Build Your Confidence

My biggest competitor is myself. I am always trying to do things better and smarter than before.

Create new goals for yourself. Setting goals help challenge me to perform better and faster. Be but careful because the biggest critic we will ever have is ourselves. Make sure your inner criticism is rooted in reality. 

If you need assistance, let’s work together and make some new business goals!

Do you have another tip to improve confidence that I did not mention earlier? Please let me know in the comment section below.

Final Thoughts

Feeling confident starts with you. Make sure to invest the time and energy in taking care of yourself so that you can radiate positive energy into the world. Confidence attracts new opportunities!

I hope this article about the tips to improve confidence level was helpful for you. As a reminder, you don’t have to work on your business with out support. Consider working with me today! 

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