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7 Tips to Create Sizzlingly Good Content

As a life and business coach, I know that you can’t sell to anyone if they don’t even know you!

And one of the best ways to grow your business is through quality content. Quality content, regardless of its format (video, text, audio or graphics), can be shared, reformatted and can enjoyed by many people. Here are seven tips for good content creation and build your online audience.

Tips to Create Great Content

Tip #1: Work on platforms that you enjoy

Before you create ANYTHING, make sure you use a platform where you want to be on. For example, when I first started my business I was using every, single, online platform. I had accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and everywhere else in between. And you know what? I hated being on every platform. It took me a while to realize that I enjoy X and Pinterest. In fact, I use them for my business as well as personal use. And since I enjoy using those platforms, I regularly post content.

If you do not like to use and also leverage content creation tips on a social media platform, it will show through your content. It will look generic and mediocre because you are not engaged with what is trending, interesting and also dynamic. In other words, you will not put the same degree of design and care creating content on a platform you do not enjoy.

If you do not like to use and also leverage content creation tips on a social media platform, it will show through your content. It will look generic and mediocre because you are not engaged with what is trending, interesting and also dynamic.

Tip #2: Be engaged with your followers

When I first started to grow my online audience, I would just post content and log off. I was ignorant of this key concept: Social media is social. In order to increase your organic reach, you must encourage people to comment or react to your content. When I post content on Twitter, I make sure to react and comment to followers comments.

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Accounts with a large following do not start magically. They start when followers know that their voice is heard and appreciated. My followers know to expect that I am not just posting content, I want to invite others to participate in a discussion.

Sometimes I will repost a comment and insert funny gif or video that will amplify my reaction to a followers original comment. Other times I will create a brand new discussion based on a followers comments. So not be afraid to use your followers content to create new content.

Do you have a small audience? Do not worry. Continually work to add interesting conversations on their platforms and also over time people will take notice and follow your account. Keep focusing on building your audience and do not worry about comparing yourself to bigger accounts. If necessary, unfollow, block or mute accounts that make you feel anxious and stressed.

Tip # 3: Do not forget the power of graphic, audio and text

When you create content, always think about what is simplest and easiest for you to do.

For example, you may want to create a bunch of videos, but if you do not have the time to enhance your personal appearance and your child (or dog/cat/loved one) is constantly screaming in the background, perhaps your best bet is to create a quality info-graphic. Just saying.

Also, not everyone has the time to sit and watch videos. Some would prefer to read an article (like this) or listen to a podcast episode. Mix up your content. As your audience grow, the best content creation tips for you will be able to discern which form your audience likes to consume the most.

A quote about accounts with a large following.

Tip #4: Quality over quantity

You may have heard many statistics on posting times, for example, you need to post about 5-7 times on twitter and at least 4 times on Facebook. Honesty, the amount of content is worthless if the content looks crappy. Take your time and create quality content. For me, at this time, I cannot write many articles or podcasts each week BUT I can write quality tweets. You do not have to everything look like a masterpiece. Just create a consistent posting schedule, follow best content creation tips for social media, be receptive to follower feedback and work to improve the quality of your content.

Side note: If time is not on your side, use a social media scheduling software like Buffer or Tailwind and follow the best content creation tips.

Tip #5: Touch on your ideal clients pain/pleasure points

Good content is designed to create an emotional reaction. Reactions are created when you trigger your potential  customers pain or pleasure points. A pleasure point could be a simple as helping them fulfill a deeper goal, like more time and energy or improved self-esteem. A pain point could be highlighting a weakness or shortcoming that is common to your client. These trigger points, when used correctly, will draw in a reaction from followers and non-followers alike.

Be careful about using too many pain points as this can repel potential clients. Clients want to know you understand their issue.

Here is a visual example to drill this point home: Imagine your product/service represents a beautiful tropical island. And your job is to entice your potential clients to join you on your tropical island. Show them about all the wonderful features on this island. Tell them about all the wonderful amenities they will receive once they purchase your product/service. Get creative in showing your followers all the ways their life (professional/personal) will be improved.

Be clear about how long the transformation process will take. This will help to remove false expectations and sign-on clients who are serious about getting results.

Tip #6: Explain the transformation process

Imagine you had a horrible car accident. You were badly cut and you need emergency services. Thankfully you were rushed to the hospital quickly and received medical care. You are now in physical therapy. Imagine visiting the physical therapist and hearing him tell you, “I am not sure what we will do, but hopefully you will feel stronger in time.” Doesn’t that sound absolutely bonkers! But in a way we do it all the time in our content.

We tell potential clients they will be happier with our service but leave out that they need to want it for themselves first.

We proclaim that we will help people get more money, however, we leave out the part that it requires effort and consistency.

A lot of service-based business owners have irritated more than one client because we failed to let people know that in order to receive great results, they need to wait a certain amount of time or purchase additional equipment or something else. Let potential clients know what other tools and resources they will need.

Be clear about how long the transformation process will take. Explain how they will grow, mature and develop through the process. That is why I highly advise service-based clients to include a FAQ, testimonials or something that explains what will or will not happen during the service relationship. This will help to remove false expectations and sign-on clients who are serious about getting results.

Tip #7: Use Eye Popping Headlines

People are selfish and want to look for solutions that will best help them. That is why you need to use headlines that get people’s attention. What get’s people’s attention are helping clients achieve their goals or eliminates their problems. Here is a list of headlines that you could use. The list is just a starting point to help you think about how to create content.

  • Fear of online rejection – How I fixed it.
  • How I earned $20,000 this month
  • 10 steps to (FILL IN THE BLANK).
  • Top content business coaches recommend this marketing tip.
  • My #1 coaching mistake and how you can avoid it too.
  • How to solve your (FILL IN THE NAME) problem in 30 days or less
  • My 3-step process to _____

That’s it! Thanks for reading. Do you have a question or a social media content creation tip that I forgot to include? Let me know in the comment section below.

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